Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Kayode Fahm, Dakore Akande, and Zainab Balogun Present “The Gym Workout”

Staying fit is a great bonus to life, it is fun and can lead to a happy and healthier YOU. In this new year; fitness expert Kayode Fahm is on a mission to get Nigeria healthy!
The hardest part of keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle is being motivated enough to  ‘START’.

“Just START", cause that’s half the battle won” – Dakore Akande 
" Make the time to workout"- Zainab Balogun

Here’s a little motivation from Kayode, Zainab and Dakore as they take you through the best exercises to help you achieve toned arms, firmer abs, and toned legs through easy and fun exercises. There’s something for the men too to build their chest – Bench presses!

Here’s to a Healthy Start! 

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