Friday, 16 January 2015

Deji George Releases Psychedelic Nature Collection

Kaleidoscope is a noun. It means ‘a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements’.
Change is at the core of the new collection for Spring Summer 2015. A kaleidoscopic view of nature is depicted in this vivid collection, encouraging the viewer to take a mind-bending trip into the wonders of the natural world.
Starting with nature and looking through the eye of a kaleidoscope, patterns are complicated, distorted and mirrored into a symmetrical balance of harmony.
The Lotus flower is the object of the eye in this collection. A symbol of the maturing of the mind and soul from the body, a blossom of beauty. Emerging from murky pond waters, the flower teems with color and full of beauty, offers symmetrical precision and clarity in the uncertain.
Dizzying beauty, confusion and clarity, with the blurring of lines are at the core of this wild trip.

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