Friday, 2 January 2015

Elevate Your Mind

It's the new year, that usually comes with new resolutions! Want to be truly wealthy? It all starts with your attitude! 

Here are some tips that will give you food for thought and help you along the way! 

1. Decide you won't be poor - Breakout of the cycle of poverty. 
2. Focus on any self limiting beliefs - this makes it hard to get ahead! Stop it!
3. Emulate the right role models - The people you want to model yourself on are those that have been wealthy for decades, not for a minute. 
4. Admit you need help - Going it alone is the hard way. The most successful people have teams of educated experienced professionals helping them behind the scene. 
5. Don't let having money define you - it's okay to treat yourself to a few luxuries, but don't spend more money than you make!
6. Saving alone isn't enough, invest! - lets your savings earn interest.
7. Own your own home - home ownership is a great place to start building wealth. 
8. Be content - embrace an attitude of true abundance

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