Thursday, 29 January 2015

Crazy Splits – Crazy Lotus! Watch Kayode Fahm and Dakore Akande present 'Keep FIt At Home'

Kayode Fahm is still on a mission to get Nigeria healthy! In the last video we talked “Nutrition” – “Clean Eating” Clean Eating

No Gym? No worries, you can workout and keep fit from home! 
If you don’t live near a gym or feel like shelling out cash for a fancy fitness centre membership; follow Kayode and Dakore’s lead as they show us some great strategies for staying fit at home for FREE.

Be sure to watch the video till the end as Kayode shows us some mind-blowing home exercise routines

About Kayode Fahm
Kayode Fahm is a motivational speaker, classical guitarist and martial artist.
Twitter: @KayodeFahm

Instagram: Skfahm

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