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Not Beyond Us: The Genevieve PinkBall 100 Patient Challenge

Assistant to the Director of Genevieve PinkBall Foundation; Muna Nweke

The PinkBall 2014 was an event to remember and the PinkBall Foundation is still in action! As the world marks today as World Cancer Day 2015, we caught up with Muna Nweke, the Assistant to the Director of Genevieve Pinball Foundation as she talks about the first 10 patients the foundation has selected, World Cancer Day, and the GPF plans for 2015.

Shade A' Onakoya

What is your role at the Genevieve PinkBall Foundation?

I am the Assistant to the Director of the Genevieve PinkBall Foundation (Mrs. Betty Irabor).

The PinkBall was a remarkable event, and without doubt, it was a remarkable event to remember, so what’s next for the Foundation?

We’re doing as we promised. We’re working toward achieving our objective: “The 100 Patient Challenge” and are making significant progress. We have selected 10 patients who will benefit from the Foundation’s objective and will continue to take on as many as funds allow. We require more funds toward achieving our goals.

How can patients seeking treatment benefit from the PinkBall Foundation?

Patients seeking treatment may send in an email to with a short letter indicating their needs as well as attachments of medical reports/previous treatment(s) and pictures

What steps has the PinkBall Foundation made towards achieving the proposed “100 Patient Challenge”?

So far, we have conducted a Screening Exercise at the Oshodi Primary Health Care Clinic, Oshodi and have begun treatment on patients. We are still taking on patients and continue to dedicate all our limited resources and energy toward achieving our objective. The “100 Patient Challenge” is an on-going project.

What are some of the challenges you have faced so far?

Our biggest challenge, just like any other foundation is Funding. We continue to appeal to individuals, companies and the government to come on board and partner with us in our battle against Breast Cancer by donating to our cause. I believe that together, we can make an even greater impact.
Another challenge we battle with is, knowing just how much information to put out-as we need to be accountable to the general public- but because some patients want to remain anonymous, we are caught in between.

How can the average Nigerian contribute to your cause? How can people help make a difference?

Well, people may contribute to our cause by offering their services and donations to the Foundation to assist with patient treatment. We can all make a difference by taking the necessary steps to living a cancer-free life by eating healthy, exercising, getting checked regularly and creating awareness about Cancer to people around us.

Tell us about the 10 patients you have selected for treatment.

As I mentioned earlier, we have selected 10 patients. Two of whom have undergone single mastectomies (removal of one infected breast) and have both commenced their first cycles of Chemotherapy treatment. We look forward to taking on more patients as they come along and consequently, as many more as funding will allow.

Taking place under the tagline ‘Not beyond us’, World Cancer Day 2015 is today. What positive and proactive approach to the fight against cancer is the GPF taking?

Today is a significant day for GPF. We are calling on the Nation to unite in the fight against Cancer. We intend to channel all our energy toward achieving “100 Patient Challenge” objective and hope to do/give back more in the following years. Together, it is “Not Beyond Us”.

What does the GPF have planned for 2015?

Well, so far, we plan toward having another sporting event in October (which is the official Breast Cancer awareness month) to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. We call on companies who are aligned with our vision to come onboard and partner with us. The turn-out for the GPF Run/Walk/Cycle last year was amazing. We’d like this year to be breathtaking! Other than that, we’re focusing on Patient Treatment.

See photos from the first PinkBall Foundation Cervical and Breast Cancer screening:

Dr Sholaye Olutayo (Medical Consultant for GPF Screening Exercise), Muna Nweke and Mrs Paula Butagira-Arinaitwe
Mrs Betty Irabor with the medical team and women who came for the screening

Muna Nweke (third from right), Dr Sholaye Olutayo and Mrs Paula Butagira-Arinaitwe

Muna Nweke and a Yoruba translator speaking about the Genevieve PinkBall Foundation

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