Monday, 2 February 2015

Believe In Yourself!

You are super special! Believe in yourself! Certainly you can take action to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills and therefore to produce your desired results. You certainly can produce all the necessary results to reach your full potential, to fulfill your goals, and to build foundations under your dreams to make them a concrete reality.

Believe in yourself. Definitively, you can take actions and produce results. You can do it! Don't worry about being successful. Just do it! You are already a star since the day you were born. The real success is experienced during the process of doing, with passion and love, the task you commit to achieve. The rest is arrogance and vanity - don't play this game; it is not real and causes unhappiness and insecurity.

Do your best, with passion and love. Put your heart in everything you do, but don't ever worry if you make mistakes, miss, fail or fall on the road. No problem. That's OK! You are not better or worse than the rest of the people in the world, in reality nobody is!

At the beginning, no challenge is easy to cope with or else anybody would do it. If worthwhile things were easy to do, life would be meaningless and senseless. Mistakes or failures are there, and ever will be, to teach us, make us stronger, and help us to mature even more. Nobody is perfect. Mistakes or failures are part of the many teachers we will have during our short journey in the University of Life.

Have a blind faith and never, ever lose your hope because faith and hope are the energies that move our souls. Without faith and hope our lives are meaningless, gloomy, and painful. Inspire yourself by knowing, recognizing, valuing, and embracing your own greatness. You are special as you are, and you don't need to be like, or compare yourself with anybody else since you are perfectly unique.

 You are super special! Yes YOU! Believe in yourself. Everybody can and has his or her own opinion about you and the world, but the most important opinion of all is the opinion that you have of yourself. Nothing else matters but how you see yourself. The image you have about yourself is the image you are going to acquire and the life you will live; nothing more, nothing else.

If you don't believe how special, capable, intelligent, valuable, and blessed you are nobody else will. Love yourself and believe in yourself without being consumed by arrogance and greed because whoever is full of himself or herself leaves no room for anybody else in his or her heart.

Don't let anybody decide who you are and how far you can get by taking full control and responsibility of your life. Live your life with integrity: be honest and responsible for absolutely all your thoughts, all your actions, and all the consequences of such actions.

Do only what is right and fair. Take action based on your integrity because nothing tells more about who we are and what move us inside but our daily actions. Our real personality is not expressed in words but in the quality of the actions we take and decisions we make. And only when we face difficulties is when we expose who we really are - our true personality.

It is a fact that nobody can change anybody. Our freedom, happiness, and peace depend on accepting people and life as they are, as well as accepting everything that expresses in life itself. Being honest and responsible gives us freedom, happiness, and peacefulness; being honest provides us with emotional fulfillment and stability.

Instead of choosing to be right, choose to be happy, free, and peaceful. Freedom is being able to choose to do exactly what you want to do, without thinking what the rest of the world will think about us. A human being will only be able to make the right choice when he is in control of himself.

Remember that the quality of your thought determine the quality of your life, that the correct attitude is everything, and that love is the answer.

Wishing you a fulfilled life,

- Eduardo Dominguez

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