Sunday, 1 February 2015

Between Us: Frantic!

My sister gave me her magazine to read and I saw your article on It’s All in the Chase. I was stunned! I was so certain you had read my life, my mind, everything… My sister is convinced that I am an unrepentant ‘player’ but I’m not. You hit the nail on the head when you rightly separated the ‘man downstairs’ from the ‘man upstairs’ who decides which female goes to the guest room and which one goes home to mother. The trouble is, there really is a nappy-haired-kindle-reading-lady who has simply decided to ignore me! She is friends with my sister and has a wickedly cool sense of humour and frank penetrating stare that has my insides all in a mess once I am within earshot of her infectious laugh. I am desperate to change her perception of me, but my sister said she showed her my Facebook page and the lady commented that all my Facebook friends are women… Please help! She is truly a pearl of inestimable price.

Oops! This is a case of skeletons in the cupboard that cast long shadows. Oh dear…  I cannot in good conscience, pretend that I understand the contention between the ‘man downstairs’ and the ‘man upstairs’ or why it is the ‘man downstairs’ that defines the home décor of a young man in a way that confirms the ‘player’ status. You see, the truth is that because women are biologically hot-wired to seek security, there will always be a strong aversion to men who do not project that sense of stability and security. Having different behaviour patterns for different types of women tells me very clearly that in spite of having the smarts to distinguish between potential wife-material and the others, you still want to have your cake and eat it. Well, this young lady seems very focused and wise. A pity you will most likely have to grin and bear it while she walks down the aisle to another man. Meanwhile, now may be a good time to dismantle the false persona and re-assemble the one that a potential wife and mother-of-your-children will be attracted to. Please be smart to ask your sister to help… I am sure she has more friends.

God bless

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