Friday, 6 February 2015

5 Minutes With Lady Biba

Nigerian design label Lady Biba created by Bisola Adeniyi, is putting a fashionable spin on architecture and geometry with its new Wardrobe Staples for Women LookBook. We caught up with her for 5 minutes as she shares her artistic influence and her plans for the future. 

- Shade A' Onakoya

Where does your artistic influence come from and when did you start making clothing?

It's something I've always had. Like a second nature. I never questioned my interest in design. I was always a fashion lover from a young age but I took my love a step further by taking sewing lessons in the summer of 2012 and officialy started my business in 2013.

If you hadn't been a designer, what other line of work took your fancy?

Definitely writing, cooking or some sort of creative management job. I still do these anyway.

How did you develop your interest in fashion design?

I'll say it was put by God. It's part of my purpose. The only fashion influence I had growing up was my Aunty who was going to fashion school while living with us. I guess my interest piqued as I would play around with sample fabrics and rouse through her 80's fashion catalogues. Even now, I spend a lot of time reading and researching fashion. I'm interested in all aspects of fashion design from the production to the consumer. I love being involved in every stage of it.

We’re still in love with your last collection “Refined Opulence”, what was your inspiration behind the collection?

The inspiration behind the collection was old money.. I had to actually tell my team the story before we started the shoot so that we could tell It well without words. I imagined a woman born into wealth. It's no stranger to her, she's spoilt with luxury but that doesn't define her taste. She prefers the simpler things in life and likes to look good in an understated way.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself with a more organised business structure managing production, distribution and marketing. I see Lady Biba building a community. We will stay inspiring and adding value not only to our customers but everyone we come in contact with.

Lady Biba recently launched its Spring/Summer 2015 collection; Wardrobe Staples for Women, if you missed it view it here.

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