Thursday, 18 December 2014

Yetunde Dania Introduces - Ready-to-Wear Collection

Yetunde Dania introduces The Ready-to-Wear Collection - an intricate
expression of mute glamour. The collection is designed for the modern-day
woman - a strong and sophisticated individual who balances comfort with
sheer elegance.

For 10 years, the Lagos-based Fashion House has created a strong visual
identity for today's modern woman with designs that echo luxurious
sophistication. The Yetunde Dania label is a true reflection of how a woman
should feel in clothes.

The Collection features signature pieces - "The skirt" a jacquard pleated
skirt and "White Mirah" a Guippior blouse and skirt. The collection features
rich embossed jacquard, lace Guippior and silk fabrics.

The designer launches into the market with the use of the Jacquard fabric totally transformed from what had been "vintage" into vibrant and versatile pieces. She continues to experiment with textures and patterns, constantly
on the search for the next fabric discovery, she has redefined the meaning
of 'a classic style' through excitable explorations of fabrics otherwise considered
as 'aged'. 

This is the label's first 'Ready-To-Wear Collection', after years of
designing couture and custom-made pieces, The 'classic and conservative with
an edge'. Yetunde Dania label welcomes you to explore its Ready-To-Wear collection.

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