Tuesday, 16 December 2014

5 Minutes With Maria Okanrende

We all know her from MTV's Shuga, but what do we really know about Maria's personality off the screen? With her busy schedule we managed to get 5 minutes with Maria Okanrende as she shares her inspiration behind her new promo shoot and what to expect from her in 2015. 

- Shade A' Onakoya

First of all, we’re totally loving your new photos, who or what is the inspiration behind the look?

Thank you very much! Firstly, I'd say my personality. There's some laid back, casual looks, "street"/tomboy looks and more feminine looks. Each shot describes my personality and the things I admire. So in saying that, the denim suit was inspired by my love for 90s RnB and Hip Hop; Aaliyah, TLC, Tupac etc. I also fall in love with fashion every time I pick up a magazine, look at my phone, put on the TV etc. So I thought I'd play with different looks I'd seen.

What’s the most exciting thing about being an entertainment personality?

Meeting people from different walks of life. I've met corporate entrepreneurs, music superstars, actors, directors, the cutest school kids. I feel like I get to meet someone new every day. Plus I love listening to new music and of course being invited to the hottest events. Ha ha!

You’re currently on Beat FM, MTV Shuga, Channel O, hosting various events etc. How do you juggle it all?

I have no choice. In fact I want more! More, more radio and TV fun! I can balance it because they're all jobs that I want to do. I enjoy them and I get to be myself. That knocks all of the frustration and tiredness right out the window every time.

What can we look forward to from Maria in 2015?
I may or may not appear in the next season of MTV's Shuga - we'll have to wait and see. Ha! More radio, more TV and the chance to help and influence others.

You can’t leave home without…?
Can I say 2 things? Food and my phone. I don't play with these Lagos streets! You can catch yourself in the worst traffic. With my phone, I can notify family and with food, I can deal with the frustration easier.

See more photos below:

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